The world of online games is rich and impressive, however, not all projects can engage kids. Little players love active and colorful games, where they can experiment and use their creative skills. Purble Place ideally matches all these requirements. This entertainment is actually a small collection of cool kid’s activities that every young player will adore. Bright colors, excellent graphics and engaging gameplay – these three elements turn it into a thrilling adventure!

What is that all about?

Purble Place offers three different activities to choose from – you can make cakes, check your memory skills by playing cards, and finding the secret appearance. They all are designed in a cartoonish style, yet still make you think. It makes the game very beneficial for young minds who are acquiring new knowledge every day. So what do you have to do in these three mini-games? The first one is Comfy Cakes, where users need to make cakes. This procedure does not require any special skills – you are just to press buttons in a particular sequence to come up with a delicious cake. Another activity is Purble Pairs, where you need to remember different tiles and them arrange them in pairs using only your memory. And the third entertainment is Purble Shop where you need to select the right facial features and guess the hidden character. All these fun activities are very enjoyable, and kids of all ages will have fun playing them!

Let your kids progress!

Even if the gameplay looks rather simple, it will encourage the players to rack their brains to achieve the goal. When they are making cakes, they will learn different ingredients and in what sequence to mix them to get a desirable result. It will help kids to improve their coordination and attentiveness. In the card-matching entertainment, they will train their memory. The task is to reproduce the position of the cards will boost their problem-solving skills. And in a secret appearance game, they will challenge their logic. Here, you are offered several variations of hair, eyes, noses and even mouths. After you select them, the game will tell you how many mistakes you have made but will not tell which. So you need to be very attentive to spot them. There is no violence or other negative things in this game – so it is appropriate for the smallest players! Kids will adore it!

Purble Place

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