In this cool entertainment, you will easily boost your cooking skills! Your character has received a job in Papa’s Bakeria and now needs to prove he is a decent worker. What are his responsibilities? The main thing is to please the customers and make them want to return again. Are you ready to accept this challenge?

Cook and serve without stop!

Your responsibilities are really wide – from accepting orders to serving clients. Each visitor will come with a different request – make sure you write down what they order not to mix up the ingredients. The mistakes will immediately affect your score – so it is better to avoid them. Do not worry – all the prompts will be displayed on the screen. You just need to be attentive not to miss any step. If you follow all instructions without fail, you will quickly make this restaurant extremely popular! The activity is very engaging and will be much enjoyed by players of all ages. Have fun in Papa’s Bakeria!

Papa’s Bakeria

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