What do kids enjoy in online games? It is not only fun and joy! Little players love projects where they can be creative. If you are searching for this type of entertainment, we know what you will surely adore! It is Purble Place, a collection of cool mini-games that will become a finding for the youngest players. Both boys and girls will gladly delve into these adventures. And the main benefit about this project is that they will not only play but also train their memory, learn colors and train other cognitive skills. So why not to test it right now?

Play and learn!

Purble Place teaches kids in a really unobtrusive way to be more agile! There are three mini-games you can enjoy here. But all of them are not only fun – they also require some thinking efforts. So what are the players’ tasks? You can select one of three mini-games or play them all. In the first one, you are to check and boost your memory skills. You will see cards on the screen, but they will be open only for a few seconds. Them, these will be flipped to their reverse side, and you still need to match these in pairs. Are you sure your memory will not let you down? You need to clear the screen! The next activity is event more exciting – you will be baking cakes! Yes, you will turn into a real chef who can make delicious deserts. Even if you have never done it before, do not worry – you will get enough hints on how to come up with a great result. Just follow the instructions without fail. After this, you are to participate in one more cool challenge – you will be guessing the hidden personage. Like in a puzzle, you will be trying to match together different facial features until you put it right.

Which activity is the best?

You do not necessarily need to play all mini-games. These adventures exist as separate quests – you can select what you love best and focus on the preferred activity. No matter which one you choose – you will boost your logical thinking. The education element is the winning feature of Purble Place. Parents do not need to worry that their kids will just waste time. Instead, little players will absorb a lot of necessary information and will learn to concentrate. And of course, they will gladly learn through playing. The project is designed in a cartoonish style making them fully dive into a virtual world of colors, tasks and puzzles. Let them enjoy this bright world to the fullest!

Purble Place 2

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