Meet Peppino, a cool owner of a small pizzeria. One day he receives really bad news. Terrible bosses want to ruin his lovely restaurant. It will destroy his whole life, so the hero must stop this terrible disaster. He decides to visit Pizza Tower where his enemies reside and destroy them. Are you here to help the hero complete his mission?

Use pizza to get rid of enemies!

The tower looks like an endless maze. You need to reach the very top of it. But the place is full various obstacles that pose a serious risk to your life. How can you overcome them all? Your main power is pizza which you can throw at your opponents and which will also strengthen your power. The ingredients for pizza are floating in the air. You need to collect them all and arrange them in a pizza. Once you have your pizza ready, use its pieces to throw as projectile at various bosses that will continuously appear on your way. You need to be smart to kill them all before you reach the main enemy!

Pizza Tower

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