It is another episode from the popular series about Papa Louie. As you may already know, he is an excellent chef who runs a lot of cafes and restaurants. But even such a professional sometimes needs help. So you must come to his rescue and run his pizzeria. It will not be as simple a task as it may seem at first glance.

Be fast and productive!

You will be in charge of a small pizzeria. Every day, it is visited by a crowd of hungry customers. And each of them orders a different pizza. You must accept their orders and then carefully follow them to add all the preferred ingredients. It is going to be tough to correctly distribute time between the kitchen and visitors. Make sure you do not mix up anything, otherwise, you will not receive payment for your job. And if you feel you are late with your order, use a delivery service to save time. Will you manage to turn this modest place into the most frequently-visited place in the town? Enjoy it!

Papa’s Pizzeria

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