Purble Place collection of games is designed for the smallest players. Simple yet engaging adventures make kids spend hours with this cool entertainment. You are not supposed to compete or risk in these mini-games. You just learn, have fun and improve your cognitive skills. The education element is especially valuable in modern games today. So this project can be rightfully called a finding for parents and their kids. Are you ready to test it? Then it’s recommended to start with Cake Maker!

What is it about?

It is one of mini-games that belongs to the Purble Place series. Here you will find yourself in the kitchen and take on the role of a confectioner. Your task is really thrilling – you will be baking cakes! Are you surprised? Do not worry if you have not the slightest idea of how to do it. Here, you will get detailed instructions on everything you need to do. All you need to do is to follow them without fail to get a breathtaking result. You will get access to all possible ingredients and decoration to create a unique cake in just a few steps. It is even possible to select design of your future cakes and cupcakes. There are endless options here. And this feature makes the activity so exciting, as kids are free to experiment as much as they want. Little players love freedom of actions and the opportunity to express their creativity.

Have fun and learn!

Learning while playing is the most efficient approach that keeps kids engaged. Little users will have fun, but, at the same time, they will develop a lot of important skills. The game coordinates the work of eyes and hands. Kids have to remember a lot of things, so playing boosts their memory. And of course, this project strengthens their problem-solving skills. Even making a virtual cake is a serious challenge for small users – they need to think over each step and action. Another important thing is social skills – kids can play together and learn to interact in this process. The project does not have any violence or other elements that can have negative influence on the players. So parents may freely allow their kids to enjoy this project to the fullest. Not only Cake Maker deserves attention – other mini-games are no less engaging. It is time to give it a test!

Purble Place Cake Maker

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