This new cooking game will allow you to play for Ladybug! The heroine loves delicious food. Moreover, she loves to cook and experiment with new recipes. This time, Ladybug decides to bake some cupcakes. She knows a wonderful recipe of this delicious dessert but needs you to help her with this process. Are you ready to participate in this fun?

Follow Ladybug’s instructions!

To come up with tasty cupcakes, you need to do everything correctly. It is not enough to use the required ingredients – you must mix them all in the right order. So follow the hints on the screen not to spoil anything. Once your dough is ready, take the baking form and fill it. And only now you can bake your cupcakes. If you have followed all the instructions, the outcome will be fabulous. Once these are ready, you can decorate them and add some sugar powder. The entertainment will be interesting both for kids and adults as it is really enjoyable and relaxing.

Ladybug Cooking Cupcake

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