If you love online games, you have surely played enough puzzles in this genre. It is a matching task, where you will interact with tiles and need to match them. What is really special about this particular title is the specific theme – you will be interacting with all possible kinds of cookies. All you need is to match them in groups of at least two pieces.

Beat your own records!

The rules are similar as in other matching challenges. You will have to clear the grid you see on the screen. The identical elements you match correctly will immediately disappear. But the time of each round is restricted, so you need to move fast enough to make it right. In the case you are stuck, do not get upset. You can always use a special function to replace the tiles and continue. In the worst situation, do not hesitate to use a hint. Bright graphics make this game especially attractive for little players. This seemingly simple entertainment encourages kids to think and boost their logical thinking.

Cookie Crunch

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