Management games are very popular today. However, some of them are too complicated for the younger audience. So how to teach young players the basics of managements? Here is a great solution – it is a new game Monkey Mart. The main character is a little monkey how decides to start a business. The hero opens his little market. And your task is to help him transform it into a huge store!

Grow, breed and sell!

At first, you will only sell basic goods. Soon, you will understand you will need to replenish your assortment to get more customers and boost your profits. So you will have to plant trees and vegetables. You will also breed animals to get more products to sell. Step by step, you will develop your little startup into a powerful supermarket with a lot of employees and a fantastic selection of goods. This entertainment will help kids understand how everything works in business and make their first steps, even if these are only virtual ones!

Monkey Mart

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